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July 28, 2016


I just got back from a fantastic trip to Orlando, Florida where I attended the Soroptimist International of the Americas (SIA) Convention that was held at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort from July 20-23, 2016. 


During the convention, we heard from several outstanding speakers, including the President of Soroptimist International, Yvonne Simpson from SI Westland, New Zealand; Dan Pallotta, the founder of Advertising for Humanity; Emilia Reyes, the director of public policies for Mexico’s Gender Equity program; and Dayna Steele, speaker, author, and success strategist. 


The conference also included several great workshops. One of my favorites was a workshop about the traditional leader versus the collaborative leader. I’d like to share some points about each type of leader:


Traditional Leaders

  • Believe power comes from their position of authority

  • Maintain ownership of information

  • Sometimes listen to suggestions and ideas from their team

  • Deliver the approved solution

  • Allocate time and resources only when necessary

  • Adhere to specific roles


Collaborative Leaders

  • Believe power is greatest in a collective team

  • Openly share information and knowledge

  • Encourage suggestions and ideas

  • Facilitate brainstorming

  • Enable their team with immediate time and resources

  • Allow roles and responsibilities to evolve

  • Seek to uncover root causes of issues

  • Offer immediate and ongoing feedback with personalized coaching


I am hoping to be a collaborative leader, not a traditional leader. In my quest, I will be asking for your help to keep me on track.  I want your ideas! I want your suggestions! I want your feedback!

Gloria Hill,