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Soroptimist of Palm Springs is a non-profit organization that relies on fundraising and donations to fund our service projects. Donate today to make a difference! Feel free to specify if you would like your donations to go to a specific service project of ours. 


President's Message

Each club year, the club president chooses a theme for the year. After being elected as club president for the 2018/2019 club year, I spent countless hours pondering what theme I wanted to set the tone for the year. After many crumpled pieces of notebook paper filled with themes that just didn’t quite fit the intangible vision I had for the year, I thought of a theme and knew it was the message I wanted for our club year.  

“The Impact of One”. 

Over the course of my time in Soroptimist, I have truly seen what the impact of one could mean. 

The impact of one member on our club. Each time a new member joins, a new perspective is added. A new way of thinking, new ideas, renewed hope and excitement for our projects. The club grows and becomes stronger.  

The impact of one club on our community. Soroptimist International of Palm Springs has many service projects. One of which is the Live Your Dream Awards. We offer Live Your Dream Awards to women pursuing a higher education, while providing financial support to their families. Hearing these women’s stories, and seeing how much it means to them to know that someone is on their side, that someone cares, it is heartwarming to see the impact of one club on the lives of these remarkable young women. 

The impact of one organization, Soroptimist International, on our world.


Soroptimist was formed in 1921, shortly after women gained the right to vote, a time when women were finally able to make their voices heard. Now, almost 100 years later, we are again at a time when women are making their voices heard. Female empowerment is at the forefront. Our Soroptimist mission is more important now than ever! “Improving the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment”.  

The word “Soroptimist” is a coined Latin term, which roughly translates to mean “The Best for Women”. I urge all women to go out and empower women and girls in your community. Do things that are “The Best for Women”. If you hear a voice of doubt saying you can’t make a difference, just know that the impact of one is immeasurable. 

I look forward to seeing the impact of this one club year will have, and hope you all will join Soroptimist International of Palm Springs to increase that impact. 

Samantha Dewing

President, 2018/2019 Club Year